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A Bibliophile ‘s World

by Gowri Bhargav


Title : A Bibliophile ‘s Worl

Cocooned I am in a world of my own,
A bibliophile- devouring books sans any worries…

Sometimes in a fantasy world I love to dwell,
Meeting elfs, fairies,witches and gnomes,
A fairytale does magically unfold.

I also witness palpable moments from the distant past,
Having candid conversations with great stalwarts.

And Oh! The adrenaline rush with thrillers,
How I enjoy solving complex mysteries,
Guessing the culprit, the motive…

And with every book, the setting changes,
I traverse the entire world,
Hopping onto myriad places without passports any.

Friends many I make with every book,
Adorning smile, shedding tears as I listen to their desires and fears,
Sometimes I find it hard to let them go…

Weird it may seem but I travel to the future too,
Embarking on a journey of time travel,
Into a futuristic world with sci-fi, how surreal!

So many lives, so many people,
So many places, forever I travel.

Immersed deep I seem perennially lost,
Books help me escape the mundane world really fast.


Picture Credit: Pixabay

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