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by Gowri Bhargav


I had a lot of friends,

I had people who cared,

But I wished I had,

Someone to call my own.


I needed a mother,

To kiss me goodnight,

A loving father,

To hug me tight.


A family of my own,

Where I could be happy,

With a place to live,

A place called home.


I saw a lot of my friends,

Being picked by couples everyday,

I anxiously waited, 

For my turn someday.


And then one day,

On a bright spring morning,

I was called to the office,

And introduced to a lady.


Didn’t I need both?

A mother and a father?

I wondered why she came alone,

And seemed confused.


She signed a few forms,

Talked to the manager,

With all formalities complete,

She took me home.


She had name and fame,

But she was bereft of a family,

So she chose to adopt me,

To shower love for the rest of her life.


A mother and a father,

She proves to be,

God had sent her to me,

Whom I can proudly call mine.


This was first published in ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour. It was written for the alphabet A as part of A-Z Challenge.

Picture Credit : Pixabay


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