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by Gowri Bhargav

Baggages small

Baggages large

Baggages tangled

Baggages messy

Inhabit the caged alleyways.

They hang down, looming large,

And sometimes flutter ceaselessly like birds gaining momentum,

Oh! The howling wind beneath their wings,

Hums an ominous dirge,

All the unforgiving ghosts of the past rejoice…

And sometimes the baggages manifest in fits and bursts

personified like the walking dead,

Masking all the myriad moments of joy,

‘Neath the caliginous curtains of gnawing pain…

Hark! But once I dip my quill in the abysmal cesspool,

And tether them all

to unspool the cataclysmic deluge onto a parchment bare,

They seem stark naked,

counting down their breaths…

Though they vehemently knock at the doors of my mind,

They are denied a reentry,

And in grave silence they are purged one after the other.

My buoyant mind witnesses nascent spring at last!


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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