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Dolce far niente

by Gowri Bhargav



‘Twas Sunday,

The freshly brewed hot latte sat in effervescence, 

Its heady aroma inviting me for a sip…

I stretched and curled up in the couch in my balcony,

Savoring the mellow- bitter- sweet coffee,

Sipping it in small doses

With my swirling tongue.

In between I dunked in an almond biscotti,

And chewed on it, bit by bit by bit,

As I watched the scenery unfurl,

A fresh canvas was painted by the creator yet again…

The peeping sun of dawn rose higher and higher,

Winged songsters flew and chirped in unison,

The nascent rays nudged the somnolent buds to unfurl,

The dew drops jiggled hither- thither across the fragile leaves,

The ladybugs played hopscotch jocundly,

Aah! My ecstatic eyes enjoyed the curated feast.

The clock ticked by – tick-tick, tick-tock,

But I just sat,

Soaking myself in mindful insouciance,

Dwelling in the blissful art of doing nothing,

The best therapy after a tiring week.


Picture Credit – Pixabay

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