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Earth’s Plea to Rain

by Gowri Bhargav

Earth’s Plea to Rain


I wait with impatience braving the heat,

Our rendezvous delayed I’m left to grieve,

My fervent soul makes an impassioned plea,

I pine longingly for your dormant love,

Nestled in clouds you are in total bliss,

At last you come with a tender surprise,

I surrender to thee unflinchingly, 

Your random drizzle hits my parched terrain,

You heartily seep at my every nook,

Lovingly you pour to my heart’s content,

And soothe my body to dampen the blaze,

Ardently I crave for your longer stay,

But the ephemeral meet has to end,

I hopefully pray for a recurrence.

Picture Credit

This poem originally written for Penmancy contest in the lannet style won third place .


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