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Negativity Personified

by Gowri Bhargav

#napowrimo2022,  #soulcraft,  #day11


I sat in solitude as a lone tear rolled down my cheek,

A failure, yet again, had turned my future bleak.

I suddenly heard a voice call out my name, 

I wondered if my mind was conjuring up a game.

But then I saw a disheveled figure – oh, she was intimidating, 

Taken aback, my heart began pulsating.

She spoke;”Don’t you recognize me, my dear?

I am ‘negativity’ fueled and fed by your fear.

Deep within the stygian alleyways of your distraught mind,

I used to remain locked in quarantine.

Your repeated failures offered rays of hope to me,

Providing loopholes to escape, you see.

I took the opportunity to put your spirits down,

Decrepit, in worries you did drown.

Unabated, I grew day by day,

And finally, to confront you I found a way….”


I became speechless hearing her speak,

Why did I let her grow by becoming weak?

I got up with an air of confidence, I could not let this happen, could I?

With grit and optimism I realized she would die.

With self-affirmation and perseverance, over time she disappeared,

Her dingy residence in my mind was finally cleared.


Picture Credit: Pixabay

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