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Poison ( Day 3)

by Gowri Bhargav

#napowrimo2022 #day3#TheSignificantLeague



Arched eyebrows with kohl smudged eyes,

Hid all the truth with venomous lies,

Luscious lips stained with the deepest red,

Spewed bitter words tinged with venom instead,

Radiant skin with smooth complexion,

Tainted heart plotted with vindictive jubilation,

Hark! Poison glazed with honey can be sweet to taste,

Beauty without character is a total waste.



Sugar coated words brimming with lies,

Gold plated heart scarred within,

Moonlit soul perforated with vengeance, 

Throbbing love entangled in an inescapable web,

Isn’t poison dipped in nectar, still poison?


Picture Credit : Pixabay

This was written for the prompt ‘ Poison ‘ on day 3 by The Significant League group.

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