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Priceless Memories

by Gowri Bhargav

Ah! The rosy days of childhood shimmer in colors prismatic,

A period where mundane moments would seem dramatic,

My mind oft wallowed in the realms of fantasy,

As imagination took flight effortlessly.


Fragile paper boats transformed to ornate ships,

Around the world I’d go on many trips,

Fighting dragons and monsters with a paper sword,

I’d conquer territories unexplored.


A magical land with elves and fairies,

Would pop open from books and diaries,

A secret passageway I’d often open,

Oh! Meeting them was so much fun.


Butterflies and rainbows seemed the greatest wonder,

Watching them would make my eyes glitter,

Cupping raindrops in palms seemed like an achievement,

I’d wonder how they reached from the clouds distant.


The only fear that lurked was a possible monster under the bed,

Oh! How hopelessly about it I’d dread,

Now as an adult I may have outgrown that fear,

But my mundane life deeply misses those childhood memories dear.



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