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Quiet Introspection

by Gowri Bhargav


I am a woman adorning different roles,

Most of the time on my toes, running my house,

And sometimes I sing, but I am not a singer,

I dance, but I am not a dancer,

I hopelessly dabble colours on a canvas but I’m far from an artist,

I try to weave words but ain’t a wordsmith,

And I’m still on a quest 

Experimenting a multitude of options

to figure out my identity ….

Who am I ? 

And what is it that I want ?

Am I just a dreamer?

Or is the universe conspiring to make something out of me?

I dwell in this pursuit,

trying to piece myself in the puzzle that boggles me time and again….


But then,


I hear a silent voice that tells me….


“I can’t tell you who you are,

But know this well;

You are a tiny speck in this mighty universe,

A drop in the ocean of life.

Stop wanting to become something,

Life isn’t a race,

Enjoy things as they come ,

Flow like a river,

Meandering all the paths,

Collecting moments and transforming them into memories.

Be a wanderlust,

Meet people ,travel places,

Appreciate the beauty in everything you see.

And in the end you will realize that,

all the random thoughts that baffled you will manifest into a meaningful matrix,

the pearls of wisdom you garnered will shine like stars of a dazzling constellation,

It shall proudly have your name etched,

Something that was always meant to be,

As desired by the creator’s hand.”


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