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She Arose

by Gowri Bhargav

Stygian gloom struck, crumbled ruthlessly,

Her loud screams were unheard.


A murky hellhole, consumed her fully,

Myriad dreams tattered.


Blazing tears deluged, flowed incessantly, 

The future lay shattered.


Like a mute cocoon,she transformed slowly,

Faint rays of hope tethered.


At last she arose from the ashes,

Soaring undaunted.


She tackled her foes,fighting fearlessly,

And the vile world tremored.


The journey ahead, 

she embarked proudly,

Lucent aura shimmered.


This poem was first published in Penmancy.  It has been written in the Kwoa style.


Invented form by Max Kwoa, the form Kwoa has only two rhymes. Its elements include:

  • a 15 line poem made up of 6 couplets followed by a tercet.
  • syllabic: the first 4 couplets and the 6th couplet, L1 of each couplet has 10 syllables and L2 of each couplet has 6 syllables. The 5th couplet has a syllable count of 9 and 5, respectively. The tercet has a syllable count of 5-5-6. respectively.
  • all 10-syllable lines are broken by caesura midway
  • rhymed: the rhyme scheme is ab ab ab ab xx ab xab; x is unrhymed

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