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The Wishing Fountain

by Gowri Bhargav

Pennies, dimes and cents so many,

Though tarnished they gleam with wishes plenty,

Tossed by the young and old after a prayer,

A secret whisper from the heart sincere.


A pet dog, a chocolate tree,

A toy car, an enchanting fairy,

Wishes innocent and adorable,

Children believe in the power of miracles.


A huge bungalow with a lush garden,

A dream job with worries none,

Love, laughter and a mirthful family,

Men and women wish for a life happy.


Good sleep and a warm meal,

A chance for intangible wounds to heal,

A peaceful slumber to traverse the heaven,

The old too are drawn to the wishing fountain.


If you wonder whether the wishes ever came true,

Looking at the mounting coins that grew and grew,

Remember that when a tossed coin became the fountain’s part,

The momentous hope it offered seeped through millions of hearts.


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