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Treasured Memories of Childhood( Day 3)

by Gowri Bhargav




Hop-scotch, lagori, braving the hot sun,

Climbing trees with friends, oh! What fun,

Shimmies and banians ,our playtime dress,

Contented we were though comforts were less,

Coconut water and buttermilk to beat the heat,

Tyres and tree trunks transformed to seats,

No beds or pillows, we slept ‘neath the sky,

The twinkling constellations we loved to spy,

A trip to attic- our greatest adventure, 

Sharing ghost stories,how we huddled together,

No hotels or resorts, we had long-term guests always,

We listened to folklore and fables during their stay,

Free prasad from temples, we rarely did miss,

The tasty bite-sized morsels were such a bliss,

No luxury whatsoever, nevertheless, 

During those golden days we discovered more in less,

Years have passed and now I reminisce,

The bygone days of childhood, I sadly miss.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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