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Voices in My Head

by Gowri Bhargav

Voices in my Head


During the blank hours filled with solitude,

I hear voices within my concealed mind,

The silent screams sound like cacophony,

Looming memories flash before my eyes,

The ticking clock relatively stands still.


In a bid to hide them I feign a smile,

Fill the chasing pauses with mindless chores,

Tame the pulsating questions with my might,

Oh! The convincing lies I tell myself

With the hope that they shall dwindle with time.


Alas! The restlessness ne’er seems to die,

Frozen tears explode into shards of pain,

Though surrounded by people so many,

Like a lone tree, I’m stranded by the shore.



This Poem follows the Lannet style. 14 unrhymed lines with 10 syllables each. This was first published in Penmancy. It was written for the Poetry Tale-a-thlon challenge.

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