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War and Peace

by Gowri Bhargav

Ceaseless bombs and raining bullets,

Innocent lives sadly became the destined targets,

Incessant pleas, in vain fell on deaf ears,

Blood-bathed bodies seemed muted with dried-up tears,

Fractured homes collapsed with irreparable damages,

The songs of earth were replete with dismal dirges.


~They said war helped to establish peace.


Hark! Peace ensued by silencing breaths,

Silence prevailed by the mounting deaths,

With life and merriment, all gone,

A haunting peace reigned during the monstrous dawn,

Vacuum invaded and the noises did cease,

The quiet graves bloomed with emblems of peace.


~Vivid rainbows painted the carmine sky.


Up in the firmament, ‘midst divine angels,

Welcomed by drum rolls and jingling bells,

Freed souls entered the gates of heaven,

Finding refuge in the safe haven,

Kith and kin united across borderless boundaries,

And weaved a new chapter filled with tranquility and peace.

Poetry Style : Puente

Created by James Rasmusson, puente means ‘bridge’ in Spanish. Like the word itself, this form uses a line/phrase to bridge stanzas. The bridge serves as the ending for the first stanza the beginning for the next stanza. The stanzas, although separated by a bridge, convey a related but different element or feeling, as though they were two adjacent territories. The number of lines of this form is the writers’ choice as is the choice of whether to write it in free verse or rhyme.

The bridge serves as the centre line (or 2nd stanza) and is delineated by a tilde (~)

We were required to write a 3 stanza Puente.

This poem was written for the November poetry contest held by Penmancy secured the second runner up position. 

It was first published here



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