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Where Noises Filled the Silence( Day 2)

by Gowri Bhargav

In absolute quietude I sat at last,

To experience a world of silent bliss,

But the voices in my head failed to cease,

They seemed to disrupt all my peace,

Random scenes looming from the present and past,

Reeled betwixt my shut eyelids,

Framed memories captured by the mind’s eye,

Fractured the silent moments that went fleeting past,

The muted chatters seemed a pain,

My efforts to tame them were in vain.


And then it finally dawned upon meโ€ฆ


The voices, scenes that failed to cease,

Were dotted with people who loved me the most,

Those stringed memories in myriad shades,

Added rhythm to the silence in my mind,

Silence is sure to beckon me someday,

Until then, the strumming noises shall fill me with gay.



Picture Crefit : Pixabay

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