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Winter Song of a Frosted Heart

by Gowri Bhargav


Song : Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles

Line : This is my winter song to you, the storm is coming soon



This is my winter song to you, the storm is coming soon,

The words have been dipped in love and etched with your name, can you hear me?

I’ve been singing for long, my throat is now parched, yet they never stop…


I still recall the day in spring, when we met, in tulip gardens,

Your tender cheeks flushed in pink, your coy eyes, just oozed with love,

Our hearts sang dulcet songs, throbbing together in symphony.


Like summers you brightened my life, even during my darkest days,

We nurtured and cherished our love, weaving a mirthful journey,

You were a blessing from above, my priceless gift from heaven.


We painted our canvas of life in vivid shades holding our hands,

All the moments with you, transformed into magical memories,

With you by my side, there was no room for sorrows, my love!


Years passed and like the vibrant hues of autumn we glistened,

Our o’er ripened faces gleamed in unison though our hairs turned grey,

With bated breath our souls waited to be carried by the wind.


Alas! You chose to leave too soon and my heart was broken to shards,

Buried six feet under, you rest in peace as I shed my tears,

My frosted heart pines to travel to the realm where you exist.


This was the winning poem in the monthly poetry contest Poattic-12 held by ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour.

We were required to pen a poem in the SIJO style in 6 stanzas with the lyrics of an English song as the first line.

Sijo is a Korean traditional poetic form related to haiku and tanka.
It comprises of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. 



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