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If Nature was a Lover

by Gowri Bhargav

If nature was a lover…

She would lift her love gently like the zephyr wind, 

And place him on the clouds encircling paradise,

Watch him drift in oblivion along the cerulean sky,

Glisten and caress him with her gentle rays of  sunlight,

Quench his thirst by garnering the jiggling dew drops,

Feast him with the choicest fruits and sweetest nectar,

Ask the birds to sing orchestrated songs of their undying love,

Shower him with the gentle drizzle of kisses,

Sail through the flowing river in meandering curves,

Joyfully build castles connecting the constellations in the starlit dusk,

And whisper her passionate secrets beneath the moonlit sky.


This was written for day 6 prompt given by ArtoonsInn Poetry  during as part of NaPoMoWri-21 challenge during the month of April.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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