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Angels and Demons

by Gowri Bhargav

Isn’t it strange, how our minds can conjure thoughts so conflicting?

Our hopeless mind is constantly tormented

With a million choices,

Good and bad,

Right and wrong,

Everyday, in our journey of life.


When we are in great spirits,

On a day filled with laughter and joy,

The positive thoughts that we harbor,

Are showered by the dwelling angels deep within.

They dance and sing to brighten our day,

Making us sanguine in myriad ways.


But during those dark days,

When we seem lost and fragmented inside,

Our crumbling heart is a gateway for the shunned demons,

They treacherously creep inside,

Enfeeble our heart and soul,

Cause us pain,

Feed us with lies,

By fueling our brain with negative thoughts.


Hark! Don’t let yourself down,

Arise dauntlessly from the cesspool.

A ray of hope will just suffice,

To awaken the angels waiting to help.

Hold on to them with all your might,

And they shall chase the ruinous demons 

who’ve crept within.



This was written for #Napowrimo2021 challenge for ArtoonsInn.


Picture Credit : Pixabay




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