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An Ode to Woman

by Gowri Bhargav

Dear Woman,

You are an epitome of love and grace,

Roles so many you ardently embrace,

Your patience is tested time and again,

Yet you handle them all with a smile on your face,

A multitude of masks you adorn to please the people around you,

Sacrificing your dreams so many,

But Alas! A judgmental world you encounter day after day.

As you perform your fine balancing act,

A few mock at all your flaws

Humiliating you for being far from perfect,

You are constricted into a quagmire of unwritten laws,

Your arduous journey takes you through meandering curves and formidable tunnels

Trying to drown you into a bottomless abyss,

But you brave the brumous skies, tempestuous winds, the unkind miles,

And like a phoenix, you arise from the flames of cruelty that engulf you…

You glisten with a heart of shimmering gold,

Wings of fire with which you soar high,

An armored shield of resilience,

A sword sculpted with your grit and fortitude

Yards of experiences and patience as your cape

And finally adorning one mask that truly belongs to you – the mask of a superwoman

You proudly proclaim- “ I can be both hellfire and holy water”.

This poem was first published in ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour. It was written for the prompt ” Superwoman ” in March 2021.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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