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A Soulmate’s Plea

by Gowri Bhargav

The sublime moments of twilight,

Set stage for ethereal night,

Oh! the purple sky,

I let out a sigh,

Eyes gaze high,

Wondrous sight.


Darkness crawls in and swathes the air,

Shunning the light from everywhere,

Dazzling stars shine down,

Blissful is the town,

Lovers drown,



The seraphic moon casts its glow,

My heart pulsates with fast tempo,

Secret rendezvous,

My soul craves for you,

In beats few,

Seed you sow.


Pangs of passion overwhelm me,

My soul makes an impassioned plea,

You travel afar,

Your uniform star,

Stains with war,




This poem has been written in the Clogyrnach style. It was written for a prompt given by ArtoonsInn. 


Clogyrnach is a welsh poetic form which follows a strict syllable count and a rhyming scheme. Each stanza has six lines.The first couplet is 8 syllables, the second couplet is 5 syllables and the final couplet is 3 syllables. The rhyming scheme is aabbba, ccdddc, eefffe, gghhhg.


Picture Credit: Pixabay


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