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My Dreams

by Gowri Bhargav

I had garnered all my choicest dreams 

Like glowing fireflies in a crystal jar,

Cherishing them as my treasured possessions,

I hoped to set them free one day,

So that they soar up in the sky with glee.

I locked, sealed and hid the jar in a safe place so that they don’t get lost.

But then, as days passed, I sunk into a life filled with mundane tasks,

I had travelled far from my woven land of dreams, 

My journey took the most meandering curves.

Alas! I forgot to carry my jar of dreams with me,

And it lay hidden and forgotten

By the sands of time that concealed it in layers deep.

And then one day, I frantically searched for the dreams I once had…

My mind became enshrouded in clouds of despair;

“Where are my dreams?” my voice bellowed in the air,

“Why have they run away?” I made a melancholic plea blaming the conspiring universe.


I heard a quiet voice answering me,

A voice that had remained subdued all along;

“Your dreams did not run away, you kept running away,

Hear the voice and it shall be your guiding light.”

Finally it dawned upon me,

That it was time for me to chase my dreams,

By breaking the invisible shackles of my imprisoned mind.

With grit and determination I crossed the most unkind mile.

At last found my forgotten jar of dreams,

And transformed them slowly…..

One by one , into reality.


Picture Credit: Pixabay

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