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An Epistle to My Younger Self

by Gowri Bhargav

Dear Younger Me,

Amidst the booming cacophonous sounds that ring,

Now I choose to hear the dulcet whispers of hope that sing,

Pain and agony sometimes failures bring,

But I create my own constellation like an iridescent starling.


If darkness ever harps songs of doom,

I turn on the sanguine melodies in full volume,

With the glowing fireflies I take flight,

Relentless I am until I witness light.


I sow seeds every mellow spring,

And the blooming flowers into a myriad string,

Rejoice summers, garner memories in autumn,

In winters I pay gratitude to the life wholesome.


So, hang in there, tethering to the kite of hope,

Encountered obstacles you shall cope,

Enjoy your life, over time your dreams shall manifest,

The stars will eternally shine with your renewed zest.

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