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Beyond the Clouds

by Gowri Bhargav

A little girl sat on a verdant glen,

And gazed up at the sky so high,

She adored the fluffy contours,

Wondering if those shapes were conjured.


Beyond the clouds she questioned if,

A magical kingdom existed,

And looked around for some magic beans,

To grow a beanstalk to the towering heights.


She longingly wished to float with glee,

On these ever nomadic wanderers,

And reach an enchanted world above,

To meet her fairytale characters.


But then when darkness seemed to engulf,

The fiery clouds sent weapons of discharge,

She feared a monstrous beast beyond,

With which she would never dream to bond.


Beyond the clouds, Beyond her world,

What else could possibly dwell?

With a hundred questions boggling her,

The little girl ran back to her mother.



Picture Credit : Pixabay
This poem was first published in ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour.




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