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A Mother’s Plea

by Gowri Bhargav

“O Naïve and innocent son, fate has cruelly struck you,

My dear! How did this happen? Where and When?

Was it a speeding car that hit your bike?

Or a truck driver blaming a blind spot,

A jaywalker, perhaps, whom you were trying to avoid,

Could it be someone, envious of your success?

I can’t see you suffer my son,

My heart throbs as I stand beside you,

Searching for answers,

Pleading for your eyes to open.”


And he opened his eyes for a few fortunate moments…


“Please forgive me Ma, this one time,

The evil in me got lured to drugs ,

And trust me Ma, it was just this once,

I promise to never repeat it again.”

And he closed his eyes forever……


Tears gushed out of his mother’s eyes….


“I wish I could rewind time, my son,

It could have been just once,

But it costed you your life,

And you are gone forever…”

This poem was first published in ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour. It was written for the prompt ‘Rewind’.


Picture Credit: Unsplash


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