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Call of Autumn

by Gowri Bhargav

The cool zephyr gently whispers
In the ears of trees that stand tall,
Leaves pirouette to autumn’s call
Dazzling in myriad colors.

Spreading the crowned canopy,
In shades of crimson, auburn and amber,
Like the soft tresses of a heavenly damsel
Coquettishly spread across the boughs,
The trees tether to the foliage with bated breath,
Before they finally let go.

And the vibrant leaves slowly fall,
Buoyantly like fragile feathers,
As they turn to dying embers,
The mirthful summer they recall.

Brown and brittle they lay in oblivion,
Savoring the ephemeral rendezvous,
Until the boisterous wind,
Carries them far across…
Overtime they finally rest,
Peacefully upon nature’s lap.

The bare trees continue to brave the gruesome winter with hope,
Anticipating Spring, all the unkind miles they once again cope.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

This poem first publushed by Penmancy won a special mention in the monthly contest held by them in November 2021. We were required to pen a poem in the La’libertas style.

Created by Laura Lamarca, the La’libertas is a 22-line poetic form that follows the following rules:

Stanza 1 – rhyme scheme is abba and 8 syllables per line
Stanza 2 – free verse, 6 lines only
Stanza 3 – rhyme scheme is baab and 8 syllables per line
Stanza 4 – free verse, 6 lines only
Couplet –  2 lines

This form got its name from the word “libertas” which is Latin for “liberty” and “La” is Laura Lamarca’s signature.

Here’s link for the poem in the Penmancy website; https://penmancy.com/call-of-autumn/

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