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Frida Kahlo

by Gowri Bhargav

Her art still holds a place in our hearts,
Mexico’s dynamic feminist,
My verses pay tribute to Frida

Her life was filled with great pain and grief,
Serious injuries several
Caused Kahlo to portray her struggles.

She was her own muse for her famed works,
Iconic symbolic metaphors
Did depict her profound thoughts many.


This has been written in the nine square style.

Style: Nine Square

This poem follows the following rules;

9 syllables in each line. First line: 9 mono syllables

Second line: 3 words 3 syllables each

Third line: 6 words, mono syllable followed by a word with two syllables.



This poem was first published in Penmacy and written during tale-a-thlon challenge held in August. Here’s the link;



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