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Without You

by Gowri Bhargav

As I gaze at the starlit sky,
Your looming face just flashes by,
The illusion keeps me alive,
Savoured memories help me thrive,
You are gone, leaving me.

Some songs still play inside my head,
As I toss and turn in my bed,
How I wish I could rewind time,
To dwell in those past days sublime,
You are gone, my soul pines.

My soliloquies seem vapid,
Myriad dreams have turned pallid,
Framed moments are sadly muted,
Lone nights are bleached and deserted,
You are gone, I’m broken.

With every dawn though I arise,
Tears trickle down my dimlit eyes,
My parched lips make a fervent plea,
I’m drowned in a sorrowful sea,
You are gone, I struggle.


This poem first published in penmancy was written for tale-a-thlon challenge prompt 5 held in August 2021.

It has been written in Rondel Grand style

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Picture Credit : Pixabay

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