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Can anyone hear me?

by Gowri Bhargav


The world is replete with colours of spring,

But inside my head voices sting,

Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet,

How they loom and grow with might!


Surrounded by people yet I’m alone,

Stranded like a tree that’s lone,

My sadness piles up day by day,

I’m hidden ‘neath hues of grey.


The chaos and turbulence seems to kill me,

I wallow in pain hopelessly,

My turmoil–invisible to all,

Hope seems withered like the leaves of fall.


Darkness swathes me in waves that rage,

I’m locked inside an infernal cage,

Can anyone hear my silent screams?

I seek refuge in a realm of dreams.


Picture Credit: Pixabay

This was written for  the day 1 prompt given by TSL platform for the NaPoWriMo challenge. 

The prompt was ‘ scream’ – painting by Edvard Munch


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