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by Gowri Bhargav

My master has been spending hours with me every day. He’s very passionate. I feel more alive with every passing day. Ah! His nimble hands have the most delicate touch. I enjoy hearing him praise my beauty with his mesmerizing voice. I can even feel his warm breaths every time he comes close to me. But I am intrigued! Who is he? All I see is a world filled with darkness. I yearn to see him—my creator. I wait with bated breath for our meeting, wallowing amidst the dark nothingness.

Today, my master tells me that he has the last and most important task to perform. I’m unable to comprehend his statement. But I know that he always does the best for me. His fingers work painstakingly for long hours. He doesn’t budge from his place. And finally, as his fingers move apart, I feel a tingling sensation. A million cells light me up. I’m not surrounded by darkness anymore. The world dances before me in kaleidoscopic hues because I can see. After a few moments of visual extravaganza, my eyes then fall upon my master. He is my Gandharva. I admire the hands that have chiseled me to perfection. He seems elated with what he has accomplished. Love oozes from his eyes. How could he not love me—his Apsara? I’m a celestial enchantress, now in a new avatar.

My master has paid attention to every small detail. The perfect soil mixed in the right proportion to manifest the damsel of his dreams into reality. Gosh! He must truly and madly be in love with me.

After admiring me from a distance he holds me close. His hands traverse across all my curves with finesse to feel every inch of his ardent creation. I feel energized and titillated as he does that.

Master! I am all yours. Take me. The words I utter drown in deafening silence. He cannot hear me.

Soon, I hear a knock at the door. A woman comes in hurriedly and hugs my master.

Who is she?

“My Love! You’ve had several sleepless nights. Your hard work has borne fruit. The sculpture is breathtaking and flawless. I’m sure you will strike a great deal out of it. It’s time you spend more time with me,” she exclaims.

“Of course, my love!  The sculpture looks stunning because you were my muse,” he replies and kisses her amorously.

I’m taken aback. How could he? So all these days he was speaking with her and not me? NO! He is mine…He loves me and not her.

The woman leaves after a while.

My master then gives me a few finishing touches before putting me up for sale. I pine for his love in solemn silence and sink in melancholy. As he holds me for one last time, I channel my dormant powers and make a sincere wish to make him mine for eternity.

Voila! The next moment he transforms into a sculpture, in oblivion. He is attached to me. My master, now a ‘master’piece.

My wish comes true. He is mine—always and forever. My Gandharva!



Author’s Note

In Hindu mythology, Apsaras are believed to be extremely beautiful celestial beings who possess supernatural powers. Their companions are Gandharvas.

Picture Credit : Oviya( My friend’s daughter)

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