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Catharsis( Day 4)

by Gowri Bhargav

#napowrimo2022 #soulcraft #day4


Piled up grief,
Marinated over time,
Can be toxic and stall a mind,
Here’s a recipe for catharsis,
Hark! This recipe doesn’t cost a dime.

Seated in solitude,
Take sheets of paper,
Dip a pen in the bottle of your mind,
The stage is set…
Let your hand ink incessantly,
Word after word,
Line after line,
Page after page,
Until all the grief from present and past,
Appears stark naked inside out
On the bleached paper,
And thanks you for setting it free.

And wait…
It’s not a quick-fix recipe,
Watch it fade in oblivion slowly with time,
At last your free mind shall rejoice,
All set to welcome the sunshine of happiness.


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