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Dear daughter

by Gowri Bhargav

#napowrimo2022,  #ArtoonsInnPoetryParlour,  #day9


Dear daughter, 


Draping six yards of saree in lustrous silk,

Adorning shimmering jewels embellished with precious gems, 

Into a lovely bride you have transformed joyfully,

All set to embark on a new journey…


Color your world,

Spread vibrant cheer,

Mingle with all the people around you.


But remember;

You have a voice,

You have a choice,

You have dreams, desires and goals,

You don’t have to drown yourself in mundane chores.


Respect but you don’t have to bow,

Adjust but don’t always have to compromise, 

Uphold your self-respect- you must never lose.


Know that, for a successful marriage one does not need to surrender,

With love and mutual respect weave a myriad tapestry with your partner.


Picture Credit: Pixabay



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