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Dear Moon

by Gowri Bhargav

Shiny shiny silver moon,

Come down to me very soon,

High amidst the stars that shine,

How I wish to make you mine!


There are nights when you seem whole,

How delighted feels my soul!

There are nights when you just shrink,

Oh, my heart–it seems to sink.


All the places that I go,

You somehow just seem to know,

Far across and miles away,

Watching me you always stay.


Do you love the songs I sing?

Tell me what joy does it bring?

Hold my hands and talk to me,

Lonely never I shall be.



The above poem has been written in the same tune as ‘ Twinkle twinkle little star’

This poem in ‘ Poesy ‘ form was written for the monthly poetry contest held by Penmancy and was recognized as the most well-versed poem.

It was first published here;



The Poesy form requires to reword a nursery rhyme of our choice keeping the original tune, rhythm or beat. The rules are simple.

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