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The Other Side

by Gowri Bhargav

“Wake up, Clare! Wake up!” I hear Anna’s guiding voice constantly urging me to wake up. I would have never woken up if not for the voice. Every part of my body aches—the pain is unforgiving. Those vile men shattered me completely. I had failed to fathom the dangerous weapons they carried. I will make them pay for it—soon. Pain is not constant. It will wear with time. And I will arise. Like a phoenix. Yet again.

I rub my right eye several times before opening it wide. My left eye is swollen and damaged beyond repair. A deafening silence envelopes me in the dingy place. Hell, where am I?!! As I look around I see cockroaches, spiders, and rats inhabiting the room. I throw a rat that is nibbling my right toe. The putrid smell from the leaking sewer makes me queasy. I must find a way out of this hellhole with all my might. But how? 

“Don’t give up, Clare! Don’t give up!” I hear my mentor, Anna’s voice yet again. I feel strong. We both have a strong connection though she is hundreds of miles away.

I sit up with great difficulty. The eerie silence is suddenly punctuated by the sound of the howling dogs outside. I strain my eye to see where the door is. It is at the opposite end of the room. Light trickles its way through the rotten wooden door casting shadows and silhouettes inside. But breaking the door and storming through it is beyond possible. Those men have fastened it in every possible way—the weapons outside would cripple me. But I have to find a way. I have to. Anna says that there is always a way out. Patience is the key.

I find a broken mirror next to me. With trepidation, I try to catch a glimpse of my reflection. I shudder as I look at my face. My face is mangled beyond recognition. A few areas of my scalp are empty—those men must have pulled my hair out as I was struggling. I swear that those men would rot in hell once I’m out. And I shall prove that I’m worthy of being Anna’s mentee.

As I wait patiently, I hear some voices outside. Voila! Just what I was waiting for. I hear the door creak. The weapons( holy cross and rosary beads) that secured the door are being tossed away by those foolish people. It’s music to my ears. Are they paranormal investigators or curious teens…? Why bother! My countdown to freedom has begun. Once again evil would reign. Those vile men( preists) will never witness another dawn. I will hunt them down. Ha ha! 

“Clarebelle, I’m waiting for you!” I hear Annabelle’s voice resounding in my head.

We both are more than mere dolls. We are possessed. Together we shall strive to transform mankind’s worst nightmares into reality. 


Author’s Note

In the horror movie ‘Conjuring’, Annabelle is a doll possessed by a demon.

Also, Annabelle is an allegedly haunted raggedy doll, housed in the occult museum. 

The doll ‘Clarebelle’ in the above story is fictional.


This story was written for the prompt #solo given by Penmancy.  We were required to pen story that involved one character and one scene. 

It was first published here;


Picture Credit : Pixabay


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