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Wordicted – Book Review

by Gowri Bhargav

Wordicted” is the debut poetry book of the versatile poet Dr.Ekta kaur Sachdeva. It has a collection of 70 poems that encompass various themes like love, nostalgia, nature, tides of life, women, motherhood, partriarchy and also a few other unique topics. A few poems also give us a glimpse of the poet’s soul as they seem to speak directly from the heart. I loved the simple cover picture and the pleasing borders that accompanied every page. I received the book as a part of book giveaway by Penmancy.

Most poems are high on emotions and tug at the heartstrings. The vocabulary is rich but lucid and easy to follow. The vivid imagery employed made the reading experience delightful.


The first poem titled ” Arising from the dust” was such a soul stirring piece. It gave a perfect beginning for the poetry collection.

Here are a few lines that I would like to quote;

A star may seem little and poorly-lit

In a far spread galaxy

But I owe to the world my significant bit

I’ll show by arising from the dust.

Though I enjoyed reading all the poems, here are a few of my favorites;

Ceremony of Innocence

Here the poet talks about how the inner child within us never dies despite our aging body.

The child in you never dies

So why to be sullen with age?

The innocence at back still pries

Let the ceremony be staged.

Window in my Room

In this poem, the poet calls the window in her room, a pigeonhole from where she witnesses the various hues of life.

In autumnal falling leaves

Summer lap laden with flowers

Spring dancing on trees

Apricity showers

Rains…Ah! Siri miri on soul

Window in my room….

A wonderful pigeonhole.

Flamboyant Clouds

I liked the playful tone of the poem. The poet compares clouds with postmen delivering watery treats instead of letters.

Sprinting clouds are mirth to eyes

The quizzical shapes too are a delight


I loved the imagery in this poem. I could visualize fireflies dancing before my eyes. The metaphors are brilliant.

Those glowing lamps in tiptoeing twilight

Drape the canopy in twinkling light


My heart danced with joy as I read this poem. The poet’s imagination and vocabulary here is quite enviable. She calls twilight, a hiatus when dawn and dusk gamble.

Walls of Patriarchy

This poem is a bold take that attempts to break the walls of patriarchy.

Humiliated through centuries

Brow-beaten into second fiddle

Battered psyche paints a picture murky

Of conditioned torpor named fribble.

Magic of Words

Here she talks about the power and magic of words and how they can heal.

Crossroads of Life

A very profound poem that everyone can resonate with. She urges “Do not sabotage their laid path milled by prologue or epilogue.”

We are all bad in someone’s story

Here the poet urges everyone to bresk free from the notion that we have to please everyone. She says that self-love and self-realization are the keys to a contented life.

Writers thrive on ‘Likes’

This is a universal poem that all writers can resonate with. She makes an earnest appeal to ‘Like, admire, love and appreciate the writer’.

Cheap Thrills

I loved the poet’s version of the popular song ‘ Cheap thrills’. I enjoyed humming the song.

Apart from the above poems,  I also liked thought provoking poems titled I don’t have to break the ceiling always, A volcano erupts warmness too…, I wear a bindi and braid my mane …, When Sita met Ravan, Draupadi and Sta are alive.

There’s just one thing that I would like to mention. I felt grouping the poems into different themes would have enhanced the reading experience further. However, all the poems are truly gems.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this poetry collection. I read and re-read the poems several times immersing myself in the magical world of breathtaking poetry. I strongly recommend everyone to pick up this book.

Here’s the link to purchase the book;

http://WORDICTED https://amzn.eu/d/4POR1n2






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