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Classic Tales by Shakespeare

by Gowri Bhargav

Classic Tales from Shakespeare’ by Deepti Menon is a collection of ten classic stories adapted from the original plays of William Shakespeare.

The author’s simplistic narration is highly engaging so it greatly appeals to readers of all ages, especially children. The book is a must-have for all those who want a taste of the Bard’s works.

The author has taken great care in choosing the stories and also ensured that they are in chronological order. Encompassing various themes like romance, magic, ambition, humor, greed, hatred, sorrow, and tragedy the stories have a healthy mix of all flavors making it a delightful read. The author has done complete justice to the narration by keeping it smooth and concise.

I also loved the lines that were quoted from the original text so that the reader gets a taste of Shakespeare’s original works. This provides a golden opportunity for those interested to delve into his unabridged version.

The brief note at the end of every story gives a glimpse of the historical and social relevance associated with the story. I found this very informative. The last page contains some fun facts about Shakespeare which I found equally interesting.

The book is also attractive with the vibrant illustrations that accompany every story. I would like to applaud her students who have contributed them.

Retelling without losing the essence of original works is highly challenging but the author, with her remarkable storytelling skills, has managed to do it brilliantly and has presented a great treasure to the world. I greatly recommend this book to everyone. It will definitely make a great addition to every reader’s library. Do grab the book now. It is available on amazon.

Note : I recieved the book from Penmancy for being chosen the winner in Penmuse55 poetry contest.






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