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Cosmic Vibes

by Gowri Bhargav

Cosmic Vibes, a collection of 50 poems by Shristee Singh are more than just poems. They are akin to spiritual chants that fill us with tranquility and bring immense joy to the soul. True to the title, all the poems reverberate with the harmonious sounds of divinity and lead us from a world filled with chaos into quietude. The cover page designed by the poet is very vibrant, and aptly matches the central theme of the book.

Though most poems are in the free verse style, I was delighted to read a few other challenging forms like Villanelle, Sonnet, Cinquain, and Janaku. The language is lucid and all the poems flow like a gentle stream that nourishes the soul. As I read through this soul-stirring collection of poems I felt as though I was teleported to a serene setting where I could hear the tintinnabulation of temple bells at a distance and a divine voice guiding me. The vivid imageries bring the settings alive. Every poem in the collection brims with positive vibes and brings with it a message of hope and happiness.

Despite being centered on one theme, the poems do not sound monotonous. While in some poems the poet delightfully talks about Ram, Sita, Shiva, and Krishna, in another poem she vividly describes Noah’s ark. She has even rendered spiritualism to the everyday happenings of life and nature’s bountiful treasures, making the poems very profound.

Here are a few lines that I would like to quote from one of her poems;


The omnipotent awaits to hold your hands,

To take you to mystical, empyreal lands.

For He wants you to make you HIS part,

So, unclasp the door of your heart.


I enjoyed reading all the poems. The calming effect that the poems have can be compared to the effects of guided meditative practices. I highly recommend everyone to pick up this book and soak themselves in the sanctuary of the Divine.

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