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Connected Hearts

by Gowri Bhargav


During quiet moonlit nights,

During busy sun-kissed days,

During chilly winters frosted,

During soothing springs balmy,

When deafening silence threatens,

When dulcet sounds resonate,

In the prosaic words that dangle,

In the rhymed verses woven,

During pain and hardship,

During all moments mirthful,

Whether you are miles away,

Or in my embrace,

My heart beats for thee,

And yours never stops beating for me.


This poem written for poetry contest conducted by Penmancy in February won a special mention. It has been written in the form Parallelismus Membrorum. It was first published here https://penmancy.com/connected-hearts/

Parallelismus Membrorum

Dates back to biblical times and is of Hebrew origin, Parallelismus Membrorum or grammatical parallelism is an independent clause presenting parallels or opposites in balance using contrasting and complimentary extensions.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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