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An Altered Love Story

by Gowri Bhargav

Theme : Pen a humorous poem by taking inspiration from Street signs, billboards etc


Jill scorned at the weighing scale in utter disdain,

Oh boy! Her efforts were in vain, weight loss seemed such a pain,

Her bulging muffin tops, she found it hard to crop,

She’d slogged at the treadmill, trained under the celebrity trainer 𝗕𝗶𝗹𝗹,

Popped and chewed every prescribed pill,

But she slowly lost hope, her reflection she found it impossible to cope,

Tada! One day as she rode on the road,

she stumbled upon a shop’s board,

“ Alteration of Ladies and Gents” by Santosh tailor, it said in letters bold,

It lured Jen and a horror story did unfold,

She went in hoping for a mind blowing transformation,

Signed up for the expensive operation,

Chop- chop, slice-dice, grill-grate,

Unprecedented became Jen’s fate,

Sculpted were her abs, a perfect six pack,

All her feminine curves were missing, the tailor turned out to be a quack,

Her rounded glutes now appeared like a flat iron,

Oh boy! The alterations could not be undone,

She yelled at the tailor for the unwanted alterations,

The whole street witnessed the altercation,

Out came a curvy man with mismatched abs–it was her trainer Bill,

He had become a prey to the tailor’s dubious claims just like Jill,

“You too?!” exclaimed Jill and said “ Let’s sue him together”,

Bill winked : “ Yeah! The tailor mixed up! Why don’t we do it after sealing a love life forever?”

Jill was elated and they both embarked on a new journey, forgiving and forgetting the tailor altogether,

About their strange and mixed up appearance the loving couple didn’t bother.



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