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Mending Broken Bridges

by Gowri Bhargav


“ The withered roses are an eyesore, cobwebs adorn the dusty vase,” his eyes darted eloquently with a hundred ‘whys’.

“ Look at our photo frame shattered atop the fireplace frigid,” she pointed her finger with silent sighs.


His sunken eyes encircled with dark rings, teared up with stories of sleepless nights in the room upstairs,

Her kohl-rimmed eyes welled with unsung songs of passion in solemn stares.


“ Why did love wane like leaves of autumn and reduce to vestiges ‘neath frosted ice?” his tight lips held those words unspoken.

“ Spring failed to last, summers did die–between our guarded egos that warred we lost our battle of love,” sang her unheard melodies half-broken.


Breaking false barriers, he summoned his voice and said “ I’m sorry, my love! Can we fall in love once more?”

“I’m sorry too, my love!” with a gentle kiss she held him tight. To each other their aching hearts once again opened the doors.



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