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Leaves of Autumn and Other Poems

by Gowri Bhargav

Leaves of Autumn and Other Poems” is a collection of 125 poems. The poems belonging to varied themes tug at our heartstrings. The illustrations that accompany a few poems are beautiful and add a great visual appeal.

These soul-stirring poems explore the myriad hues of life in a profound manner. The most striking feature is the simplicity with which the verses have been weaved making the collection universally appealing. 

The prologue written in the form of a poem describes how a poet patiently waits to weave images into poetry, working in seclusion. I was able to visualize the poet sitting in a cozy chair, weaving all her poems with absolute delight.

The poems touch upon – what the poet observes in everyday mundane life, people, places, relationships, nostalgia, poetry, nature, memories, pandemic, old age, death, justice, humanity, and other miscellaneous topics.

Most poems linger in the mind making one introspect about the greater truths of life. Isn’t that the beauty of impactful poetry – a lot being conveyed in an effortless and seemingly simple manner?

Though I enjoyed all poems, here are a few of my favorites;

Chasing the wind

This poem talks about how in life we endlessly chase something or the other.

I would like to quote the last stanza from this profound poem.

“Life passes you by, sometimes hits you hard,

Like the strong wind, if you stop chasing,

Perhaps you will find what you search for,

So stop chasing the wind and look inwards.”

Looking Through The Window

This poem filled with vivid visual imageries describes all the scenes that one can enjoy by looking through the window.

The last two lines of the poem speak volumes.

“However beautiful and comfortable 

The house, what you need is a window.”

Dreams and Desires

This poem is a true reflection of the thought process of the poet. The world would be a much better place if we too follow what she desires.

“As I grow older,

I desire only this for myself,

A kindness within, a capacity to give,

A sensitive mind as long as I live,

A comfortable death, a life creative.”


This poem juxtaposes the disparity between the rich and poor, corruption, inequality, and unfair treatment. 

The question ” Where is Justice?” at the end of every stanza makes one ponder indeed.

Before The Final Goodbye

Here, the poet talks about all the simple pleasures that we need to enjoy and the things we ought to do before we bid adieu to the world.


This is a delightful poem that is replete with all the sounds that are native to an Indian village. They are sure to transport the readers to the rustic countryside.

The Making of A Poem

A poet’s muse knocks at the door during odd times. This poem, having a touch of humor, spoke about it. 


This poem was a perfect tribute to a soldier. What can be more precious to a soldier than a glorious homecoming?

The Beauty of Nature

Nature is truly healing. The sights and sounds of nature depicted in this poem are very soothing.

Alliteration Challenge

Alliterations in every verse of this poem add a unique charm. I would strongly suggest a read-aloud to appreciate this delightful poem.

We Shall Overcome

This poem is filled with a lot of positivity and instills confidence and hope.

“It is the darkest before dawn,

Then we will see a beautiful morn,

Surely we shall overcome.”

These are just a few poems that I have quoted. Every poem is an absolute delight, crafted with great finesse.

All poems shimmer like the leaves of autumn in myriad hues. However, unlike the autumnal leaves that wither, these poems will shimmer eternally in the hearts of the readers.

I strongly urge everyone to pick up this book to understand the power of poetry.



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Vasudha Pansare August 10, 2022 - 8:16 pm

Thank you so much Gowri for this beautiful review 💚❤️🙂

Gowri Bhargav August 11, 2022 - 9:24 am

Thankyou very much ma’am. My pleasure.


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