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by Gowri Bhargav

Silhouetted shadows

weave a story

within four walls.


Stringed jasmines, roses

lay crushed upon

yards of luscious silk.


Clinking bangles

shatter unheard 

amidst the savage slurs.


Wafting fragrance

from the burning incense

shrouds the reeking breath.


Blotched marks in purple, blue

ooze with blood beneath 

precious diamonds, pearls.


Embroidered dreams 

of a fractured soul

drown in silent tears.


This poem has been written in triversen style.

The triversen is a loose form of sentence-long tercets developed by William Carlos Williams. In other words, each stanza is composed of one sentence split into 3 lines, and each line has 2 to 4 beats or 4-8 syllable count. The poem is nonrhyming, and as a whole, has 6 stanzas or 18 lines total.

This poem was first published in Penmancy;


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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