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Finding My Zen

by Gowri Bhargav


In the bustling train during hours peak,

Sounds several fill my mind,

It is peace that I hopelessly seek,

There isn’t a spot where I can find.


Women chit-chat, yap-yap-yap,

Men discuss boring news,

Crying babies on mommies’ laps,

I hear ‘em all though I don’t choose.


A vendors screams–two for one,

Holding a basket full of fried things,

People hurriedly eat on the run,

How the phones chime ping-ding-ping.


A man and a woman beg for alms,

For a coin here, a rupee there,

A pedlar sells fragrant balms,

Oh! The rising decibel I can’t bear.


At last I pull out my book and pen,

Write to my heart’s content,

In a fictional world once I find my zen,

All evident noises go silent.


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