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Fond Nostalgia

by Gowri Bhargav

The autumnal leaves tinged with memories,

Shimmer in hues that tug at my heartstrings,

My childhood unfurls in bright tapestries…

All symphonies susurrate, my heart sings

Songs mirthful, ’bout dreams that had gilded wings.

I flip the sepia albums once more,

Reliving the fragrant past I adore.

My wizened body that awaits winter,

Dwells in the fond nostalgic days of yore,

And wishes to close eyes in deep slumber.


This poem written in the Dizain style secured 2nd place in the monthly poetry contest held by Penmancy.


Dizain is a French poem that became a favourite of many 15th and 16th century French poets.

Here are the basic rules of the dizain:

~One 10-line stanza

~10 syllables per line

~Employs the following rhyme scheme: ababbccdcd


Picture Credit: Pixabay


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