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The Enchantress

by Gowri Bhargav

A sinuous road led me to the woods deep,

Beside a brook, ‘neath a tree, I fell asleep,

But soon, entwined melodies dulcet, in my ears did seep,

A dainty damsel pirouetted, I felt my heart leap,

An enchantress she was! I followed her.


Her ethereal face seemed so serene,

Blissful were her round eyes, emerald green,

Her flawless, soft skin felt like velveteen,

My ardent verses for her were umpteen,

An enchantress she was! I was drowned in love.


‘Neath the surreal twilight sky, our eyes began to speak,

She planted a fervent kiss lovingly upon my cheek,

And when all my titillated senses were at their peak,

She vanished amidst wisps of smoke, my frantic eyes did seek,

An enchantress she was! Her redolent breaths lingered.


This poem written for poetry prompt 6 given by Penmancy is a part of tale-a-thlon challenge.

It has been written in the Lai style.

This poem was first published here;


Picture Credit : Pixabay


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