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Journey of Life

by Gowri Bhargav

Life is a tapestry that is woven from myriad hues of threads called experiences,

The threads used could be seemingly random, and sometimes lackluster,

And at times entangled and frayed

When perceived from the underside,

But over time after being painstakingly woven and flipped over,

We will surprised at the rich art and vibrant patterns that unfolds,

So let’s remember every thread used ; good or bad , bright or dull was carefully chosen,

And was a blessing from above…

Knowing this truth shall lift the enshrouding fears that cloud our minds.

So before the final destination is reached and the journey called life ends,

Weaving  the tapestry of life with the people we love,

Singing and dancing to make it less burdensome,

Shall make every moment of our ephemeral existence iridescent with a bouquet of memories.


Picture Credit : Unsplash

This poem was written for NaPoMo poetry challenge conducted by ArtoonsInn.

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