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Life Goes On…

by Gowri Bhargav

The golden orb brings forth the dawn,

The swathing darkness shies away,

Chirping songsters welcome the day,

A beginning, declares the morn,

New journey to embark upon,

Life is truly an adventure,

Unending cycle of nature,

With brimming hopes we rise once more,

Unleash dreams and open the door,

To a new day, a new picture.


The whole world prepares for the noon,

Busy people teem busy town,

In mundane life several drown,

Oh! The fleeting time runs too soon,

To the rhythm of life, we attune,

Presuming we have everyone,

Lead our life in oblivion,

Brimmed with youthful exuberance,

Forgetting short-lived existence,

How we seem, always on the run!


The brightness slowly disappears,

The retiring day bids adieu,

Nature paints a myriad hue,

And how the universe conspires,

The serene moon calmly appears,

Cold night draws a stark silhouette,

Silencing world without regret,

Shimmering stars adorn the sky,

Eyes close and all our worries die,

Unbeknownst to the dreams dulcet.   

This winning poem was written in decima style for ArtoonsInn Poetry Parlour for the #Poattic 11 contest held in September.


Decima is a 10- line poetic form with eight syllables per line and a rhyming scheme of abbaaccddc. We were required to write a 3 stanza Decima.


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