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A Lover’s Plea

by Gowri Bhargav

Whenever I see you, I become mute,

My fervent lips seem sealed and fail to lure

Undecipherable words that lie hidden deep within the crevices of my heart…

But my love, don’t you read my eyes?

They utter your names not once or twice but times infinite, 

Yearning for your presence day after day…

I am not a poet who can adorn you with a garland of verses,

I am not a singer who can woo you with my songs,

Nor am I, a dancer who can pirouette along with your lithe body to set you ablaze,

I am just an ardent lover with a throbbing heart,

An unseen heart that you fail to see,

I am too shy to say, but hope you stay,

My Love! I can’t force you to choose me,

But know that, my love will remain untarnished with or without you,

Lovelorn I may become if you leave me,

Dwelling in the memories we have woven,

Seeking solace in the tender zephyr that wafts with your fragrance, 

But the silent songs of my soul will always reverberate with your name, 

Even in a universe parallel long after…

Long after my insomniac eyes have been lulled to eternal sleep.


This poem won a bronze award for the monthly contest held by the PPJK platform in September. We were required to pen a poem for the prompt ” Too shy to say, but I hope you stay”.


Picture Credit : Pixabay

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