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Thou Art My Only Love

by Gowri Bhargav

As we walk along the ocean shore,

My feelings for thee, my heart did pour….


“Thou art my only love

Thy coy eloquent eyes

In between the phrases

They speak a thousand words

I yearn for those gazes.


Thou art my only love

Thy tender petalled lips

The gentle words they speak

They soothe my ailing soul

Thy soulful song I seek.


Thou art my only love

Thy soft and silky touch

Sets my body ablaze

My sorrows disappear 

By seeking thy solace.


Thou art my only love

It’s time we both unite

A journey we shall start

Let’s solemnly promise

Until death do us part.”


This was written for NAPOWRIMO21 conducted by ArtoonsInn in the month of April. ( Day 5)


The first 2 lines are a couplet.

The next 4 stanzas have been written in the Monchielle style;



Developed by Jim T. Henriksen, monchielle has the following guidelines:


~ The poem contains 4 stanzas

~ Each stanza has five lines.

~ Every line has six syllables

~ Every first line is repeated and comes back as the first line of all the other stanzas.

~Line 3 and 5 rhyme, in every stanza.

~The rhyme scheme: Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml


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