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Love me the way I want

by Gowri Bhargav



Love me the way I want,

So that I shall know it’s true…


Love me – not just during the period of twilight

Before the hours of dawn,

But during the bright hours of daylight,

Under the shining sun…


Love me – not just when the night is engulfed with darkness,

But on a full moon night, 

under a clear sky , 

when a million stars shine down…


Love me – not amongst the cattails and the whispering willows,

But walking along the ocean shores

and open meadows

Where everyone can see…


Love me – not on the backstage hidden safely from the world,

But on the stage,

Under a spotlight

singing our love story…


Love me – not because you once fell in love with me,

But because you want to breathe

every moment with me

For eternity…

Picture Credit : Pixabay

This was written for NaPoWriMo21 conducted by ArtoonsInn in April 2021. The prompt given was ‘ Spotlight.

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