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Maybell’s Fairy Magic

by Gowri Bhargav

Spring was in the air. Fairyland was buzzing with activity.

Emma was busy painting the petals of the flowers. Tiana unfurled the wings of butterflies that had woken up from a deep slumber. Sarah ushered bumblebees to suck nectar. And the best among them all, Maybell, was painstakingly transforming the garnered sunrays into pixie dust. It was the most challenging task. Maybell had a huge fan following and all the fairies looked up to her.

“Maybell! We admire you. Can we be your assistants?” asked one of the fairies. The fairies gathered outside her window every day to catch a glimpse of what she was doing.

“Well! I’ll have to choose the best among you. Come back tomorrow,” said Maybell.

“Maybell, Will you appoint me as your assistant?” asked Anna after having waited for all the fairies to leave. 

“You? You can’t even paint the dots on the ladybugs to perfection. You will make a hopeless assistant. However, you may mutely watch what I do,” replied Maybell condescendingly.

Tears trickled down Anna’s cheeks as she left.


All the fairies had assembled for the much-anticipated Annual Talent Show Contest that was being conducted by the Fairy godmother. They had practiced diligently for many days. Maybell was confident that she would be declared the winner as always.

The contestants displayed exceptional talents and the audience was awestruck.

Soon, it was Maybell’s turn. She walked onto the stage holding a huge pitcher containing sunrays.

The audience eagerly awaited to watch her perform and began cheering for her. 

Maybell swished her wand after whispering a few incantations. But…nothing happened. She then shook her wand frantically. Billows of smoke escaped from the pitcher. 

Everyone burst out laughing. With a crestfallen face, Maybell exited the stage.

Anna was the final contestant. Feeling jittery she stood on the stage holding a pitcher. She whispered a few incantations and the moment she swished her wand, pixie dust sprinkled everywhere. Everyone cheered for Anna. The Fairy Godmother was greatly impressed and declared her the winner.

Maybell felt embarrassed and went back home hurriedly.


Maybell preferred to be in seclusion for days together following the contest. No one came to meet her.

Then one day, she was surprised to find Anna at the door.

“Why have you come, Anna? I am a loser. Go away.”

“No, you are not, Maybell! I have come to thank you. I have always admired you. By watching you, I learned how to make pixie dust. It took me days to master it. You just failed once. That doesn’t change anything. You are highly talented. Fairyland needs you. I still wish to be your assistant. Please say yes!” said Anna, earnestly.

Adulation from unexpected avenues can bring back zest like magic.

Maybell’s face beamed.

“Thank you, Anna! Please forgive me for all the mean things I’ve said before. I’ll be back. You and I are a team now, aren’t we? ” she winked.

Anna nodded gratefully. 



Picture Credit : Pixabay

This story written for the prompt #adulatio given by Penmancy secured the second place.

The prompt required us to pen a story on the theme ‘Adulation’ and also include the quote “Adulation from unexpected avenues brings zest back like magic” from the book ‘ A Price to Love’


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